FiscalReps offers three software solutions that are easy to use and set up. Typically offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, they are hosted in a highly secure data centre and FiscalReps manage the upgrades and backup so all you need is a browser and internet connection.
The IPT rates that are the foundation for FiscalReps' software give users a direct link to FiscalReps’ unrivalled IPT knowledge.


taxBOX® is a tool for captive managers, global insurers and small to medium size insurers providing the capability to consistently calculate IPT and create the necessary IPT returns for submission to the local IPT Tax Authority.
FiscalReps took a standardised approach when building the Tax Rate Database within taxBOX®. Each country is divided into the 18 Classes of General Insurance with FiscalReps’ dedicated Consultants and Country Specialists adding sub-classes based on extensive and detailed research of legislation, tax authority guidance and correspondence with tax authorities. This logical and consistent approach gives users of the system access to unrivalled IPT knowledge.
taxBOX® can be used as a standalone tool by users. When data is uploaded, taxBOX® performs a review calculation against its Tax Rate Database and calculation engine highlighting discrepancies for the user to review. Once reviewed, Tax Returns filed in paper form can be generated and are ready to be signed and submitted immediately without the user needing to know the intricacies of any Tax Return. For countries where Tax Returns are filed online or through specific reporting software, convenient summary sheets are available.

The taxBOX® API (Application Programming Interface) provides direct access to the Tax Rate Database and calculation engine. The taxBOX® API allows integration of the Tax Rate Database and calculation engine, into existing underwriting or policy administration tools which may rely on static IPT information based upon high level interpretation of legislation.

taxDNA® is a web based tool which uses taxBOX® API. It gives users access to FiscalReps’ maintained Tax Rate Database and calculation engine, allowing users to accurately calculate IPT to insurance contracts prior to their inception.
taxDNA® is bespoke to each client’s products, allowing users to enter premiums and calculate IPT with no previous experience. This method guarantees consistent tax treatment for all information entered.