FiscalReps' corporate vision is to be the market leading independent firm of international indirect tax specialists. We aim to make a positive impact on the reputation and success of our clients by delivering bespoke solutions to achieve indirect tax compliance.

Our Core Values

  • We are an equal opportunities employer, providing first class career progression opportunities to all our employees
  • We are professional, diligent and act with high integrity
  • We are honest, open, reliable and friendly to work with
  • We keep our promises and deliver what we say we will.

Having joined FiscalReps in the summer of 2016, my experiences to date have included managing the IPT requirements of a portfolio of clients based in the UK and Germany and submitting returns on behalf of all of our clients in Germany, Cyprus and Greece. My best achievement so far would have to be ensuring that our clients met all their deadlines so that no penalties from the tax authorities were incurred.

One of the best parts of working at FiscalReps is the challenging and fast-moving environment that you find yourself in. Everyone in the company is committed to driving to the same goal, be it preparing and signing off tax packs to meet deadlines set by the tax authority or providing our clients with a professional, personal and dedicated service. Another great part of working at FiscalReps are the social events that are frequently organised outside of work hours. These are great opportunities for team building and socialising with colleagues from other teams.

At FiscalReps, I have gained an in-depth knowledge on IPT and parafiscal related matters within the EU and EEA. Furthermore, I have benefitted from a multitude of different in-house training opportunities that have helped to further broaden my knowledge thanks to the experienced IPT and VAT experts employed at FiscalReps.

Apollon Hirst, Client Specialist   

Compliance Services    



After joining the marketing team at FiscalReps in April 2016 I was made to feel part of the team from the very first day and have been fully involved in a number of different projects including the launch of TAXBOX 2, creating new marketing collateral and helping to arrange a host of client events such as the company’s annual Indirect Tax Academy held in November.  It was great to be part of this especially as this year we saw our highest attendance to date of over 90 senior tax managers from insurers across Europe.

The best part of working for FiscalReps is the people – not only are my colleagues incredibly talented but they’re also really great to work with.  There’s a real team spirit here and everyone has a friendly but professional attitude to work.  It’s also a very supportive company in that senior management are approachable and invest in their staff through training.  Hard work and commitment are rewarded. The company arranges social evenings every quarter and there are also functions arranged by the Business Park.

Since joining, I’ve gained knowledge and experience of working in the premium tax compliance industry which is something that is completely new to me.

Lisa Sandells, Marketing Specialist









I joined FiscalReps in September 2016 as an Accounts Assistant, and this is my first job as a graduate. It has been a great start to my career and I have learned a range of new skills such as how IPT is paid throughout Europe. My biggest achievements in my four months of being here is getting a grip of the role, and understanding how all the different payments work – and surviving quarter end!

FiscalReps is extremely client focused and this gives it its strong sense of purpose. Everyone incorporates this in their work, and ensures clients are always the number one priority.

Bina Rehal, Finance Accounts Assistant









In my first year of working at FiscalReps, my role has varied considerably. In the office I would help assist other members of the team with different parts of tax compliance process. This helped me to establish a good understanding of what was involved, and the skills that were necessary for me to develop in order to progress.

I have recently been promoted from a Technician to a Specialist within my first year at FiscalReps. This allowed me to be trusted with more responsibility, further client interaction as well as being more involved in various other projects such as TAXBOX 2.

The best part about FiscalReps has to be the people. In our team we have a wide variety of nationalities, with a spectrum of specific expertise on tax compliance around the globe. We work in an environment where we are able to share our knowledge in order for us to cater for any queries our clients may have.

The nature of the work at Fiscalreps can be demanding, with numerous impending deadlines for various countries requires a great amount of organisation and time management. Day to day I am always building on my numerical and analytical skills which I have gained through my BSc Mathematics degree.

I have recently started my ACA qualification.  This has allowed me to develop myself professionally, with a deeper understanding of the role of an accountant and essentially adding value to my day to day work.

Manraj Saundh, Client Specialist

Compliance Services









I joined FiscalReps in September 2016, supporting the client onboarding Team which manages the process whereby new clients transfer over to FiscalReps. I have been working closely with the diverse client’s which allows me to understand the compliance, regulations and legalities on contracts and agreements. Shared learning, through mainly on the job training with my team members in a highly complex function is important.

The best part of working for FiscalReps is the challenging day to day work.  Being able to solve problems gives me a sense of achievement.  I enjoy the role and want to offer the best level of service to the client.  Registrations is the first point of contact for a new client, so I value being able to provide a good first impression. Believing in our offerings and taking my time with what I do provides a good end result with a satisfied client.

Over the course of the past five months, I have developed my skills and experience in numerous different ways, using various IT packages such as taxBox and Sales force. I listen to what is happening around me both specific to my role and to the organisation. I am also better able to see the bigger picture and how my role relates to the overall goals of the organisation. Having built up some experience, I am now much more productive in my role – and much better equipped to handle some complex situations.

Sareeta Dickson, Client Onboarding Technician









I joined FiscalReps in June 2016 as an IT Tester. Gaining experience, technical knowledge and skills in the testing field and IT Support is so far my best achievement.

I enjoy the office atmosphere, everybody is friendly and welcoming, and all the staff are professional and hardworking which is a healthy environment to work in.

Working at Fiscalreps has improved my communication skills and I have learnt to manage my workload and how to be organised.

Meroe Moradi, IT Technician