There are some territories that impose premium taxes that are more complicated to account for and apply to the business that you are writing. We have developed a series of technical courses that cover specific premium taxes.

On these courses you will look in depth into the local legislation behind the tax and delve deep into the whys and hows of the calculation and declaration.

FiscalReps are currently offering technical courses covering Spain, France and Eastern Europe.

Technical Training: Spain

  • Background (different tax authorities, different tax points, provincial requirements...)
  • Spanish Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) - Topics covered include: Registration, Compliance Issues (LOR, premium apportion…), Basic IPT Calculations, Negative Treatment and Exceptions
  • Fire Brigade Charge - Topics covered include: Calculation of Spanish Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and Fire Brigade Tax (FBT)
  • Consorcio Compensacion de Seguros - Topics covered include: What is CCS?, Compliance (CCS requirements, insurance companies and insurance activities affected), Consorcio Coverage and Calculation of Surcharges, Procedure of Reporting, Settling and Paying Surcharges, Coinsurance, Claims (consequences of noncompliance), Reclaims, Working Examples and XTR calculator
Technical Training: France
  • Get familiar with French IPT - Topics covered include: Registration Issues (several tax offices for IPT, registration required for several parafiscal taxes), Compliance Issues (several different taxes and parafiscal taxes, lack of clarity of the legislation, etc.), IPT in Overseas Collectivities and Territories, What is the GAREAT pool? and Practice (interactive exercises of basics IPT calculation)
  • Understanding the French IPT specificity: CatNat Regime
  • What is the CatNat Regime (Double Scheme: Prevention /Compensation)
  • CatNat Premium and CatNat Taxes (IPT on CatNat, MRPF Levy)
  • Practice (interactive exercises of calculation on CatNat Premium)
Technical Training: Eastern Europe
  • Overview of Eastern European IPT regimes
  • Insight into countries with IPT regime
  • Insight into countries planning to implement IPT Focus on Hungarian IPT and Interactive Exercise on IPT calculation
Course Fees per attendee
  • Spanish Consorcio Tax - £495 plus VAT
  • French CatNat Fund - £495 plus VAT
  • Eastern European Tax - £495 plus VAT

Attendees wishing to sign up more than one course can benefit from the following discounts:

  • 1 course £495 plus VAT per attendee
  • 2 courses £810 plus VAT per attendee
  • 3 courses £1,100 plus VAT per attendee

For more information or to book a place please contact:

Christine Axe
t: +44 (0)20 7036 8070