VAT - Three levels

VAT Foundation


The Foundation course covers how VAT works across the EU, using the UK as a particular example. It also considers regional differences and the basic responsibilities such as registration and submission of returns.

Worked examples are used to demonstrate the inputs and outputs of VAT. The different VAT liabilities are introduced, with particular emphasis on exemptions and the effect on recovery of input tax. The basic principles of partial exemption are also introduced at a high level.

Place of supply and time of supply (tax points) are introduced. International aspects are discussed, as they apply to insurance business.

VAT Intermediate

Building on the knowledge gained on the Foundation course, this course considers more detailed VAT issues that arise for insurance businesses in the UK and across the EU. The consequences of writing business in EU and non-EU countries are considered.

The Intermediate course also covers time and place of supply issues in more detail. Partial exemption methods are dealt with in depth, considering those which are acceptable in the UK in particular. Various other aspects of VAT are dealt with, such as bad debt relief and recovery of foreign VAT.

Penalties and interest for compliance failures are considered, using the UK as an example.

VAT Advanced

The Advanced course considers international issues in detail, as they apply to insurance groups. VAT grouping is explained, together with anti-avoidance provisions and interpretations of the tax authorities.

There is a special emphasis on VAT planning, including what is likely to be acceptable to the tax authorities and what is likely to be challenged.

Court cases relevant to the insurance industry are dealt with, and the views of the tax authorities in various EU countries are considered.

The course also covers the cost sharing exemption recently introduced in the UK but available widely throughout the EU.

Course fees per attendee
  • VAT Foundation – £495 plus VAT
  • VAT Intermediate – £495 plus VAT
  • VAT Advanced – £495 plus VAT

Attendees wishing to sign up more than one course can benefit from the following discounts:

  • 1 course £495 plus VAT per attendee
  • 2 courses £810 plus VAT per attendee
  • 3 courses £1,100 plus VAT per attendee

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