IPT - Three levels

IPT Foundation

The Foundation course gives attendees entry point information on the regulations and laws governing premium taxes across the EU, considering the regional differences and highlighting the sources of information available in order to collect reliable and accurate tax rate information.

After introducing the concepts of Location of Risk and Class of Business and how they impact the calculation of premium taxes, worked examples are used to demonstrate how premium and other parafiscal taxes are calculated.

Finally, delegates are given an introduction into premium tax compliance, highlighting the multitude of regular compliance requirements for taxpayers, and what can happen if compliance failures occur.

IPT Intermediate

Building on the knowledge gained on the Foundation course, Intermediate focuses on detailed premium tax issues that relate to specific classes of insurance business. The Intermediate course also expands the area of premium allocation, identifying the criteria used to determine the appropriate allocation methodology and demonstrating calculations through worked examples.

Finally the Intermediate course considers the premium tax implications for policyholders, brokers and insurers when writing global programs either on a non-admitted basis or in co-insurance arrangements.

IPT Advanced

The Advanced course details the systems, processing and accounting requirements for accurate premium tax reporting.

Covering accounting requirements and financial implications of tax errors, the Advanced course provides delegates with guidance when dealing with tax office inspections or audits and finally considers at a high level how to translate the corporate governance of an organisation into a robust and effective premium tax compliance system.

Course Fees per attendee
  • IPT Foundation – £495 plus VAT
  • IPT Intermediate – £495 plus VAT
  • IPT Advanced – £495 plus VAT

Attendees wishing to sign up more than one course can benefit from the following discounts:

  • 1 course £495 plus VAT per attendee
  • 2 courses £810 plus VAT per attendee
  • 3 courses £1,100 plus VAT per attendee

For more information or to book a place please contact:

Christine Axe
t: +44 (0)20 7036 8070