Registration as a Tax Payer for Filing Insurance Premium Tax across Europe – Key Considerations
FiscalReps has been working with European tax authorities and regulators for the over ten years. In that time, the company has developed a suite of documents, approved by the individual tax authorities, which are used to register our clients as tax payers. The tailored service offering can provide anything from self-registration guides in territories where self-filing is permitted, to a full compliance offering with a designated Registration Technician to guide the client through the process in each territory.
FiscalReps’ experience and dialogue with the authorities across the EU territories leaves the company well versed to assist with the following questions and considerations that may arise for insurers around registering as a premium tax payer in Europe:
  • Is there a legal requirement to appoint a fiscal representative in any of these territories?
    • If not, can we appoint a fiscal agent, or must we file the IPT liabilities ourselves?
  • How do we register as a tax payer and how long does this take?
    1. What documentation is required and are any Notary stamps and/or Apostils necessary?
    2. To whom do we register?
    3. Is any supporting documentation required such as: Certificate of Incorporation; VAT Certificate; copies of director’s passports; Memorandum & Articles of Association; Audited Financial Statements; bank account details?
    4. Are any translations of documents required?
    5. What and how many signatories are required?
    6. May we correspond with the tax authorities in English?
    7. Are there separate requirements for registering individual branches or lines of business written?
    8. Does the process differ for change of representative to new appointment?
  • When are we required to file the taxes?
  • What do we do if we are writing business already but are not yet registered in the territory? Would this lead to any fines or other consequences?
  • What are the differences between new registrations and change of representative registration?
  • What are the consequences of not registering or deregistering?
  • Are there any consequences for appointing two fiscal representatives at any one time in the same territory?
For answers to these questions or to discuss any registrations concerns you have, please contact your Client Director, or FiscalReps Registration Technician, Rubiya Karim
t: +44 (0)20 7036 8070